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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 26, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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♪ girls rock your boys >> yeah, brings you back. perso fan. tonight on "red eye," the pope is a progressive when it comes to rock. hear the first track off his new album next and john boehner announces his resignation singing zippity, do-da. and cnn announces the first democratic debate will be in virtual reality. finally a way to humanize hillary. our pam provides love and laughter, but first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters. it is on to the city of brotherly love. after a highly celebrated tour of new york city, the pontif now heads to philadelphia.
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the final leg of his three-city american tour. he will hold mass at the basilica of saints peter and paul. thousands were on hand as francis celebrated mass at madison square garden. he talked about welcoming immigrants and helping homeless. john boehner's resignation was fueled from the debate in his own party over abortion and funding for planned parenthood. boehner plans to leave with some advice to fellow lawmakers. >> if the congress stays focused on the american people's priorities, there will be that problem at all. at the end of the day the leaders have to be able to work with each other, trust each other and to find the common ground to get things done. >> the obama administration says it is ready to negotiate with iran about the crisis in syria. a in egg is set for later -- a meeting is set for later today
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between john kerry and iran's foreign minister. the talks are aimed at convincing assad in the civil war. the white house wants russia to withdraw its support for assad. and don't adjust your set. you are looking at the blood moon. a lunar eclipse and a super moon. theories of impending doom by one mormon author has sparked fierce and sales of emergency goods. the mor upon church is asking -- mormon church is asking people to ignore such speculation. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox dash -- dash go to fox welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy. >> sad day at the "red eye" news desk, tom. >> why is that?
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>> it is batman day. >> i thought that would be happy. >> yeah, but it is on the wrong day. september 26t that's meaningless. june 26th would make more sense. >> why is that? >> as all true batman fans know that's the day brew wayne's -- bruce wayne's parents were murdered leading him to become batman. it used to be about the spirit of batman and what batman means and how you can study batman and his teachings. now it is about buying stuff u. now we can't say merry batman day. it has to be happy super star hero day. >> lets ay welcome our guests. to look at her now you wouldn't realize she graduated from the scoliosis of hard knocks. it is joanne nosuchunsky.
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the author of seven women and host of the show on the radio network. table? i prefer a booth. and as you can tell he is from the midwest. comedian john bush. let's start the show. pope francis is releasing a rock album called wake up. music is his first love after jesus. the album features his words and prayers accompanied by up lifting music ranging from pop rock to gregorian chants. all profits will go toward the purchase of the mega yacht. that surprised me. they posted the track on-line and here is a taste.
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>> wake up. ♪ >> i think pope francis was the second voice we heard. fantastic. the song is called "wake up go forward" has been embraced around the world. ♪ ♪ >> they really stretched out
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that ending. >> pope francis is the first pope to release an album since john paul ii put out an album in 1988. i think we all had that. >> yes. >> kept that in the ronco record distributor. pope francis is the cool pope. he has a great attachment to the youth and they to him. are you surprised he has a prog rock album? >> i am. i know while he was cardinal in argentina he released a few bootlegs of similar music. people don't know about that, but i do. it is interesting if you play part of that track backwards you can hear somebody ease a voice saying st. paul is dead. did you know that sph that's true. you know joanne and ms. booth they don't get it. they are so young it is sad. >> i wish i was that young. >> it is actually sad.
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>> lisa, you got him. is it sad? >> lisa, is this the ultimate christian rock album? >> it might be. i can't wait for the music video. i wonder what that will look like. >> i don't know if that -- >> doesn't qualify? >> no. >> it is not good. it is not good at all. but look, he is the pope. wouldn't you think he would be able to collaborate with someone cooler? i never heard of the guy who produced the song. do you think they could collaborate with kanye west or jay-z? >> i guess it is past its prime is that what you are saying? >> he is like the new age pope, right? >> it was a little new agey. >> i remember deep forest, the cool record that was like anen
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anything ma. >> what if the pope brings back prog rock. >> orunk prog where you have like divo, wake up. move forward. move ahead. >> what is it called? wake up and go go? >> that is the cover of a divo hit. >> you have to whip it, whip it good. >> did you like the stylings? >> they go together like pb and j. >> i think what will happen is people are going to buy it because people love the pope as we can see the people out there with the masses. and this is a challenge to bernie sanders to come out with another album and he will come out with the spoken word and he will maybe do some
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funk, some soul funk. >> it would go with his progressive politics, would it not? boehner is a goner. that didn't rhyme. one day after being gently ripped on "red eye" and no where else john boehner announced he will be resigning at the end of the month. boehner seems saddened at the prospect of no longer being in charge of congressional republicans. >> ♪ zippity do-da ♪ ziippity-a. >> they were quick to pay reference to his service. here is marco rubio speaking at the summit. >> just a few minutes ago speaker boehner announced he will be resigning. [cheers and applause]. >> the time has come to turn the page. the time has come to turn the page and allow a new generation of leadership in this country.
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>> wow. i think that was the wrong clip. can we show one of a conservative paying tribute to boehner's years of service? maybe ted cruz speaking at the same crowd? >> you want to know how much each of you terrify washington? yesterday john boehner was speaker of the house. y'all come to town and somehow that changes. >> my only request is can you come more often? >> i like his sense of timing. why are they being mean to boehner? >> i don't know. he was so likable. i thought he was pulling out a glass of scotch and do the old , not me. >> he was more laid back than ever. >> yes. >> doesn't it tell you something about politics? every time they lose an election they give the speech of their life. >> it is the best they have ever been. >> what does this say about
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boehner and what does this say about the republicans? >> i would tell him to not quit his day job. >> i thought he had like a bing crosby quality. >> i don't think he is going into the entertainment industry. i sthot the audience -- i thought the audience sounded upset. >> is that a theory? they were cheering for him, but not that he was gone? >> they sounded upset. there are a lot of conservatives upset across the country. >> isn't it early christmas for people who celebrate christmas by hating john boehner? >> i am just trying to get over the word that he used the word bulliant. i will tell what you it means later, sweetie. seriously, john boehner -- we kid. john boehner singing dippity-do-da it could be a dog whistle that he will do a
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run. that's from the song of the south and widely considered to be tremendously racist. >> i haven't seen that movie. >> john boehner, what is he doing with that? he is not just singing. he is end ising a signal that the south will rise again. >> i know it is planned. i always think about when i had different jobs what you would do on the day you quit. when i used to work in the restaurants i would theng all of those hot food tickets in the window i would just tear them all down so no one has any idea what they are eating at the tables or what the food is for. he said i am singing this racist song to the world. >> it never occurred to me. lisa, let's talk about the politics of this. is boehner getting out because he sees there is a fight coming? they are going to shutdown the government again, right? >> i don't know if they are shutting the government down, but absolutely. he will face threats from conservatives in congress.
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we have seen this movement among the house freedom caucus. absolutely. i think he saw the time coming and the pope came and it was time to peace out. >> he was moved by the pope. >> he had a private moment with the pope where the pope said pray for me. apparently they were alone together for a second and i thought that was cool. he was moved by that. >> i thought he was lacrimose. >> you really have a problem. >> i am your biggest fan now. >> he is a writer. that's why. >> but when he comes off complimenting people think he is angry. why is that, eric? >> criticizing people is my love language. they don't even mention it in the book. good news for people who love bad ideas. cnn said viewers will be able to watch in virtual reality so long as they have a samsung phone and virtual reality headset which is everybody except almost everybody.
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they tested it at the republican debate with great reviews. for instance the candidate faces are inextinguishable. i don't know what they are talking about. >> in my view the united states are moving toward a cost effective national health care program with guaranteed health care for all-americans. >> and they say i will defend the affordable care act which they seem intent upon. >> the guarantee and the health care is a right of all people. >> i think that is the weirdest video we ever made. >> bernie sanders as a saddle? wow. that's a dream. >> it was from promotional commercials from the new
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mexico state fair. you love a state fair. >> i love a state fair. i think the candidates themselves should be the ones who wear the headsets so when they say do you have a rebuttal and he says wow, cool. trying to find his hands. you wear the thing and then you feel like you are in the debate. >> i don't want to be beneath trump's comb over. >> that's when he should have done it, the republican debate. that would have been more interesting than the democratic debate. >> they were testing it. they wanted to test the new technology. obviously debates are entertainment and they get high ratings so you have to up the technology quotient. do we really need it? it is a debate. >> it is funny person they interviewed, the faces weren't extinguishable and isn't that the knock on congress is everyone looks the same. if you look at the democratic ticket it looks like a nursing
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home, everybody looks identical. >> is that what happens when we get old? >> yeah, you all blend in. >> wouldn't you want to -- >> no. >> why? >> i can't live tweet with that thing on my head. it is the comfort of your own home and snacks and your beverage of choice and then you try to come up with the most creative snarky tweets. >> when technology came in do you remember microsoft tv and we were supposed to check our e-mail while watching and then the google glass and you can answer your e-mails while you ate breakfast. we want to sit in front of the tv and veg out. >> seriously i think cnn knows with the deem crate particular particular -- democratic debate they have a big problem. they don't have trump. they needed a gimmick and they
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had to do something. they never would have mentioned it. they needed to save it so this -- we wouldn't even be talking about the debate except this silly technology. >> who has a samsung phone? does anyone know anyone who has a samsung phone? >> for a couple months they were big. >> were they though? >> they drifted back. is eric correct or under estimating? bernie sanders, the donald trump to the left. >> i don't think he is interesting. >> have you heard his album? >> maybe i need to listen to that and then come back. maybe that would change it. he is to the that interesting. donald trump is interesting. he says crazy things. >> what happened to the hope of the midwest, the governor of wisconsin? >> scott walker. >> yes. >> i don't know he just -- he was going to be the guy. i live in iowa and des moines.
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it is very exciting. there are the caucuses and then a dead zone. thankfully none had brawts. they all stayed away. >> you have to have the corn and the fried bed. >>nd an unpleasant surprise on his check for his takeout food. yes, the the price. nailed that joke. stay tuned. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives.
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the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at takeout curry very mild as white guys want to do, but when he returned home he saw
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this written on his check. very mild white people. the customer was angry because he said it implies we can't deal with strong curry. i do like hot curry. i just fancy a mild one for a change. the owner of the restaurant said "i have investigated and can confirm it is a misunderstanding. under white people we don't mean white people, but a white success made from milk. pbl means milk." nice try indian guy. why not write very gullible, white people of the everyone knows there are two standards for indian food. one for indians and one for nonindians and to prove it i walked down to 46th street and ordered lunch. >> very spicy. >> if you see a white guy do you say oh you have to make the food mild. >> yes. >> some people like spicy, but some not of the.
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>> if a white guy says -- >> yes, i want to. >> what if an indian says he wants spicy? >> interest yen, yes. indian, yes. >> would you say indian spicy is different from american spicy? >> it is. >> i proved it. and i enjoyed my lunch. it was a bit of a challenge from my trank -- tranquil pallet. it is very tranquil. you can't handle the spicy indians. that's reserved for guys like this. what? yeah. that guy is great.
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you enjoy good indian food. >> i remember curry in a hurry when i lived in new york. i couldn't go there because i was worried that's how fast it goes through you. >> it certainly does. i like the corma. they mix it with yogurt. >> now they have instant corma. >> i that's right. >> good night, everybody. >> eric, i didn't think it was a joke. if i did i would have laughed. i thought you were talking about a curry to eat from home. the real thing is should he be offended. >> first of all when he said the word fancied you wouldn't use the word. americans wouldn't care. but the idea he got his back up because he was being challenged and he couldn't feel with a hot curry is hilarious. he is so thin skinned he should run for president. >> it is true. >> was it donald trump? >> it was not.
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he sometimes fancied the spicy food. this guy could have just ignored it and no one would be the wiser. we went to the press. >> he is standing up for white people everywhere. >> who needs receipts this much? it surprises me and nothing else. >> ppl doesn't necessarily mean people. it could mean milk. >> you really believe this guy? >> no. >> it is white ppl. white people -- you write it and it means mild. >> i think it was a warning sign to people like me who don't like curry. i am one of those white people. >> joanne, you had all sorts of secret codes in the restaurants. >> you never write them down. you share them word of mouth and that's it. you don't president what to get into trouble -- you don't
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want to get into trouble because it is rude. do i think this business should suffer as a result? no. they just didn't think they were doing anything. >> maybe they don't know white people can read. >> i do love the honesty. >> i wanted to prove my point. i thought i am going to the first indian place. >> she you didn't eat it. >> i have a tranquil pallet. like i said. >> you did say that. >> and i can -- like you, i like the swab. i i can't eat a whole dish of it. smelling me makes me perspire. yon prad is good. the naan, f-a-a-th -- theth -- the n-a-a-n.
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>> coming up, "half time" with andy levy.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. pope francis wrapping up his time in new york city. during mass at madison square garden last night he praised
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big cities for their diversity and culture, but can maim peek people like they don't believe. the pontif called for a world free of nuclear weapons. his visits were the 9/11 memorial park. he leaves for philadelphia this morning. john boehner announced he is resigning. boehner says after 13 terms representing an ohio district and five years as speaker he's had enough. the departure before he could face a fight to floor him. many say he is not fighting planned parenthood. boehner is officially leaving the end of october. controversial clerk kim davis is switching to the republican party because she feels abandoned by the democrats. she made headlines when she refused to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples. she spent five days in jail by refusing to issue the licenses. davis said she is becoming a
12:32 am
republican while attending a conservative gathering. they are changing the way they test for diesel emissions after getting duped. they will now use on road testing. it allowed cars to pass tests in the lab and releasing pollution into the highway. meanwhile voces cage again faces billions of dollars in fines. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy on the "red eye" news deck. >> how are you? >> great. >> how is that fake coffee? >> you are not supposed to
12:33 am
tell. i am not drinking coffee today. it is not always fake. this is just water. >> how do you decide? >> you can tell because you will see me brewing it. >> can you tell i don't have a lot of stuff tonight? the pope is coming out with an album. it is weird. you showed a clip of you and liz mcdonald, but didn't show mine. >> had you danced to that? i did. maybe we didn't have it on tap, but i will dance right now. >> oh my gosh. children, shut your eyes. >> thank you very much. lisa you said it is not good that you never heard of the guys behind the song. >> tony who composed a bunch of songs was one of the italian founders. their 1969 song was remicked and -- remicked and actually used in "oceans 11".
12:34 am
you never heard of "oceans 11"? >> i have. that's the one movie i have seen. >> that was a good movie. fair enough. joanne you said people are going to be surprised, but you have been listening to this all day. don't you agree that it sounds like a second rate version of the nice? >> totally, yes. i have been thinking that, and i'm so glad you agree. >> cool. john, slept deep forest reference. they won the 1990 nip grammy world music award. >> that's awesome. >> that was our heyday in 1995. >> that's when world music took the world by storm. >> yawn boehner re-- john boehner resigning. of course he picked a song of the south. the movie is so racist disney
12:35 am
won't release it on home video. typical republicans. but the words of the song, -- >> no, it is a lovely song. >> under withful day, plenty of sunshined head head my way. >> what does it mean is it. >> i it means what a heck of a day it will mean. >> it doesn't mean -- no, it doesn't. >> you thought the audience sounded upset boehner was resigning. >> eric you brought up the fact bulliant and then we will tell you, sweetie. >> don't do that. >> she is sitting right here. half of america squirmed. >> what if i wanted them to squirm?
12:36 am
>> failed the other half. cnn making the debate in virtual reality. isn't every debate in virtual reality? >> one can say it. forget about it. >> you brought up the guy from matchable who looked at the demo of this and all of the candidates looked the same and they basically said that's a knock on the democrats. but he tested it at the republican debate. >> it is any candidate democrat or republican. >> you asked who has a samsung phone. they have 28% of the smart world market where apple has 17%. >> she didn't want to know the stats. >> it was a his historical question. >> i think iphone people are the only ones to mention it. they say i found out about it on the iphone. >> maybe nobody brags about
12:37 am
having the samsung. maybe that's what it is. >> that makes sense. >> my family works for samsung. i'm sorry all you guys out there who have it. >> breaking hearts. >> angry tweets, joanne. >> can they do twitter on samsung? >> i am not sure. i don't know if they can connect on the internet. indian restaurant sparks outrage by marking white people on the curry. it was a white person is and only mild outrage. you so people means milk, but soil and green is people. again makes you think. when eric said now they have instant corma. they believe it was a play on words of inconstant karma. >> yes.
12:38 am
>> but, listen, if you made an instant indian treat to put in the microwave, won you call it in? >> i probably would. i don't enjoy the indian food. >> not a curry fan. >> it was a john lennon song. i made a paul mccartney joke and a lennon joke unintentionally. that's weird. >> not every 70s reference. >> there is a ring joke coming up. >> can't wait. >> is it that caveman movie? joanne you said you mefer write down the secret code words you have on receipts. you use word of mouth. please use word of mouth to tell us now. >> no. >> you have three minutes. those are my secrets and they are more fun when you share them with everyone? i can't share.
12:39 am
i am selfish. just give us one. >> i really can't. i really can't. >> they are that bad? >> a lot of hate on twitter. >> kitchens are not the most politically correct places. secrets are meant to be shared. >> can we go to break? >> yes. >> time to take a break. more stories when we come back.
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a school district is finally standing up for our children and protecting their physical and emotional well being. the mercer island public school banned a dangerous game known as tag. tag has tormented children for years. no longer will our kids face the risk of being lightly touched or worst of all pearl nently frozen during -- permanently frozen during a game of freeze tag. the district explained to parents that students are expected to keep their hands to themselves. they insist the game isn't banned. they are encouraging a, quote, new form of tag-like running game to minimize the issues of
12:44 am
your tag and then it felt more like a hit. still some moms are upset with the decision. >> this decision needs to be re-evaluated with input from the kid and input from the community. >> whatever the nominal risks of playing tag are it is what they give for kids. >> nominal and they let kids run with scissors. >> lisa, did you ever subject yourself to a dangerous game known as tag? >> absolutely and dodge ball and all of those fun things. we are raising a bunch of pansies. kids get awards for attendance. you don't even have to win anymore to win awards. we have kids being called penguins. this is a society. >> if you tag a kid the kid can fall down and scratch his
12:45 am
knee. >> maybe he needs to take a little pain. >> you don't think tag is a dangerous game? >> when i was a kid in the schoolyard we played a game. maybe you did also. kill the guy with the ball. >> kill the kid with the ball. >> kill the guy with the ball. you would be crushed. i remember being at the bottom of a dog pile and thinking i will they ever breathe again. that was scary. kill the guy with the ball was brutal and we all survived. it made better men out of many of us. >> and once you were down -- did you play kill the kid or kill the guy with the ball? >> we played neither, but we had worse names for the game. >> when the kid went down you didn't stop. you continued to hurt him until the ball was pride from his lifeless arms. >> the thing for me is kids will find a new game now. it will be called don't touch
12:46 am
tag. it will be getting close and almost touch. >> you are describing a gang initiation. >> that's what it was. it was bruise enducing. >> we shouldn't touch each other inappropriately, but touch as an idea is always inappropriate. it is not like bill cosby is wandering around the schoolyard. >> they say it is to the just the pushing or the physical but they say no i'm not, you're it. >> it is an emotional problem. it is good that this isanned because i was awful at tag and it made me cry a lot. you always play tag with the kid who is awful at it. you know what i mean? tag you're it to the slowest kid and now i am the one with koodies. it is scarring. >> in my school you couldn't
12:47 am
do the public display of affection thing. we did long distance makeout. then what are you doing? then we got detention. >> i used to do that on the subway. >> on the way over? >> finish the name of the game. hide and -- >> seek. >> did i get it? >> it is hide and go seek. do you call it hide and go seek. i tried to get them to play and it is hide and go seek. >> it is hide and seek. >> were you duck, duck goose. >> we did duck, duck goose. >> you can't play duck, duck goose. >> they have a vegetarian version. >> red rover.
12:48 am
>> i played something. >> you hold the hands and you try to run through it and break people's arms off. >> you have all of the wrong names. >> i grew up in connecticut. >> ringo -- >> that's the reference you promised jie. george harrison coming up jie. we'll close things out with a bedtime story.
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coming up on the next "red eye", kennedy and lori rothman. gyro boughts are taking our jobs and our places in line. a san diego woman recently had a robot hold her spot before the release of the new iphone 6. she told a local station "i am in line like everybody else." "i just have a different body. some people have left chairs here and not really here, so i feel like i am fair by being here and committed to being
12:53 am
here the entire time." apparently she is paying by credit card and picking up her phone and robot on monday. is this cheating? >> no. >> did you see the robot? >> no. >> you didn't look at the story? >> sure i saw it, but i didn't see the robot. >> she had a corporate robot. >> isn't that cheating? i don't know. this is a judgment call. it is an interesting idea. if you have to pay for a robot -- robots must be expensive. clearly people actually pay people to stand in line. 10* what is the difference between paying some young kid $9 an hour to stand in line for you or using a robot? >> that's it. they have people hiring other people on -- what's the app where you get the people? the people app? you know what i'm talking about? >> they are hiring people to stand in line. if that's okay a robot is as
12:54 am
well. >> this is not okay. you need to wait in line yourself. before you are rewarded you need to special pain in life -- to experience pain in life. you go to the gym and then you get ice cream. you take a shot of whiskey and then you get buzzed. the robot has no feeling so it doesn't get it. >> this gal has nothing in the way of feelings either. >> god for her. good for her. what is the difference between leaving your chair around and having somebody fill in for you. the only thing i am afraid of is it may hit the same fate as hitch bought. >> these robots are not cheap. they are a lot of money and she is just leaving it in line? >> and until monday? >> she is locking it in the store and worked out a deal with them. you. >> what was that deal like. >> wonder if it is like a concert. they are going in line and who haves been part
12:55 am
of it. >> he is like an iphone. the computer screen she can be in line and talk to people. it is like she is virtually there. >> the only thing that is counterproductive is she is actually sitting there the entire time so it is weird. >> it is like operating a drone. she is sitting there watching people from her robot. that's weird. >> are we making an informat dash darrin formal set of rules? -- an informal set of rules? >> isn't that weird that you don't want to be there, but watch everyone? >> she said she stayed uh waib the whole time. >> she wasn't. >> i don't care, but i think it is odd. >> there would be a thing where the row -- robots have to -- >> why wait in line? you can buy it all on-line. >> you mean on-line, on-line. >> there's computers? >> new yorkers say i'm waiting
12:56 am
on-line. they say in line, but in new york they say on-line. you mean on-line, on-line. >> you knew what i meant. >> you have being unnecessarily hostile and confusing today. >> would you say that i am being lacrimose. >> we will go out on the video and i will say thanks -- special thanks to joanne foe saw chin ski and johnny the bushmaster. i'm tom shillue. see you next time. watch this video of the virtual reality debate. >> in my view the united states must move toward a cost effective, eye quality national health care program which guarantees health care. >> let me say i will defend the affordable care act which the republicans still seem intent upon repealing. >> improve, but it is going in
12:57 am
another direction of the. need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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>> house speaker boehner calls it quits. announcing his retirement effective the end of october. serious questions about the upcoming budget battle. on the very same day, the conservatives gather in washington to hear from a number of presidential contenders. speaker boehner shocked announceme announcement, some of them thrilled that mr. boehner is stepping


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